About Tahm Kench's W: Devour

I really suggest Riot ccould do something to let players can choose whether they allow their team members' ability on them or NOT. Just as I played recently, some players choose Tahm Kench and using W on me or other team members, then directly goes into enemy team to let their member got killed. Such behaviors are NOT punished at all with our new so called Instant Feedback System. I recorded the player who did such bad things and ruined the game, however, the truth is, he still can play and ruin other players' game without being banned or something. I doubt whether Riot's new system even works. I used to play Dota2 and they did have a mechanism (the name I cant remember) which allows u to decide whether u allow friendly ability on urself or not. When such mechanism could be added into LOL, it would be better for game experience. Thank you.

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