The design team makes 80+ skins a year and then gets flamed by the community

So we just received the PBE preview of **Hextech Jarvan** and **Dunkmaster Ivern** (every time I think or say Dunkmaster, my mind automatically wants to add 'Darius') and there are shitposts both on Boards and Reddit about how Dunkmaster Ivern makes 0 sense and that Hextech Jarvan is just a Dark Star Jarvan chroma. But just think about the design team and how much work they put in year round to bring us great skins that make us want to cash out even though our wallets are still crying from the K/DA release. Take a step back and appreciate that Riot actually listened to the community and made a skin for Ivern (I'm sure they already had plans for Ivern in the near future but since his play rate is low, he isn't a high priority) even though you may not like it or it may not make sense to you. And to all the people that say "oh Jarvan needs a Dunkmaster skin instead, it would be perfect". Why and how? His ult creates terrain that you cannot connect to basketball in any way in terms of animation. What would you turn the terrain into? His weapon is a lance that extends, what would you replace it with that is basketball related? He can't just carry around a basketball hoop, that would make no sense and would look ridiculous. All in all, Hextech Jarvan might not be the most fitting skin they've made for him, but it's still a decent skin and so is Dunkmaster Ivern. You might not agree with the choices the design team makes but that doesn't mean you should be raging and flaming them like there's no tomorrow. At least give them the respect for making a new skin for a champion that needed one. TL;DR: If you don't like the skins, don't buy them, simple as that. Just shut up and let the people that do like them, enjoy them in peace.
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