Lets talk about getting out silver.. BECAUSE IT'S NOT POSSIBLE

Hello guys I have a problem with getting out of silver and there is a good reason.. I'm a supp mainer and don't really play other lanes. The thing is im a very good supp and I like to play as a supp and mostly i play tank support. What goes wrong? Lets say botlane win and mid lose and top lose and our jungler can't really help so what's the chances for bot lane can carry the game? Sometimes it happens that bot carry the game but it doesn't always happen. And this is the problem where I can't get higher elo when i can't really do anything when i'm a support. {{champion:89}} leo {{champion:12}} Ali {{champion:412}} Thresh is my favorite champs They have the best way to support your adc plus good cc. And yes guys im freaking mad.. because i have been stuck in silver for 7-8 month.. I was close once to get to gold i was one freaking game from gold.. now im silver 2 and i can't get higher. I have played many games with support and i know how to counter or attack their adc and supp and i dont care which adc it is or supp. the problem is my adc doesn't follow it's like the adc doesn't react at all. I mean the ADC can't see when it's open to attack or when it's closed and we have to back off. so i have to like body shield or kill myself for the adc. so yes im mad.. really mad So i was hoping that someone could give an advice Can you guys help me ?
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