The State of Suppression

As a Jungle main, I like to play a lot of Fighters/Tanks in the jungle. Some of the champs I played the most this season are (reworked) Warwick and Skarner, both with a suppression based ultimate. Cause of this I noticed some big problems with the champs based on suppression (Malzahar, Skarner, Warwick and maybe even Urgot) and suppression as itself. Every of the above mentioned champions have an ultimate with a suppression effect, which is pretty much (supposed to be) the strongest CC in the game. Even though it is supposed to be this "strongest" CC in the game it actually is just another term for a stun. The only difference between a **suppression** and a **stun** is the fact that it's not possible to **cleanse** a suppresion but it is possible to interupt it with a **QSS**. On the one hand this is really counter intuitive because both are actually supposed to cancel hard CC and the one can, while the other one can not. On the other hand it is weird because QSS got changed in patch 6.9 so it only disables **CC debuffs**. Riot did this because you could pretty much "disable and interrupt" the whole ult of a champ with an item for just 1300 gold. It seems pretty weird to me that this was the reason for the nerf of QSS, why does QSS still cancels suppressions, which are supposed to be the "strongest CC ingame" and practically nullifies the whole ultimate of champs like Skarner, Malzahar and Warwick. {{champion:72}} Skarner got pretty much **balanced** around his CC after his juggernaut rework in 2015. He was a fun CC fighter with pick and 1v1 potential. After his juggernaut rework Riot gave him more "reliable CC", which caused that Skarner became too strong with his new reliable form of CC and his fighter potential. Cause of that Riot nerfed his fighter attributes and made him the CC bot he is nowadays. He is still played sometimes with Warriors/Trinity, but it's way more effective to max his E at the moment cause of the CC on this spell. His whole ultimate gets canceled from QSS as a 1300 gold item and is pretty much useless if the enemy carry has a QSS. {{champion:19}} Warwick is actually in a pretty decent spot after his rework. His win rates are good and he's a reliable drain fighter with emphasize on engaging and disrupting the enemy team. His ult **Infinite Duress** is also a suppression based ability with built in onhit damage and lifesteal. Before the rework this spell was a big problem, it was way to simple and there was no counterplay (kinda like Malzahar _haha_ , I will talk about this later). After his rework though, the ability got a skillshot based dash with a pretty small hitbox. It's possible to dodge it pretty easily if you see it coming because of the small hitbox. And even if Warwick manages to hit his ultimate it's easy to interrupt it overall because it gets canceled by any kind of hard CC. {{champion:90}} Malzahar is in my opinion the most problematic champion of all 4 mentioned champions. He's a zone and control mage with high early damage and an ultimate, which can suppress people from a **safe distance** (!!!). He still has to stand still for his ultimate but it's a spell with 700 range and malzahar can stand out of the whole fight, which triggers around the suppressed target. And his ult is **instant** without any delay or possible counterplay except of "don't be in range" and the QSS. In this case the QSS makes sense because it's the only possible way to help the suppressed person because you can't cancel the ultimate of Malzahar as easily as Warwick's ultimate. I would like to see some changes to Malzahar with his ultimate like a delay on the suppression as long as the enemy stays in range (kinda like Morgana's ult and LeBlanc's E). Maybe even **EVERYBODY** who stands in the Ultimate zone afterwards gets silenced/slowd in addition to the initial suppress on the target. I would be fine with something like that aswell, as long as it isn't as dumb as it is at the moment. {{champion:6}} Urgot is in a weird spot overall. Is he an AD poke champ? Is he a Bruiser and Engager? Is he maybe even not that ugly as we all think? Nobody can really answer these questions because the champ overall is pretty much a mess. He's a lane bully with a lot of consecutive damage and an engage/allin ultimate. And this ultimate is actually pretty good in my opinion. Especially the changes of patch 5.22 (Damage Reduction instead of Armor and Magic Resistance) and 6.5 (built in fear after switching positions) were great additions to this ultimate and think with the upcoming rework of Urgot (and possibly a new ultimate for him), this ultimate could be a cool idea for a new fighter/tank champ (with some changes overall of course). I can't really speak much about Urgot though because I don't have much experience playing as, with or against Urgot. I don't even know if QSS actually interrupts his ultimate, so I won't make a judgment about it in this case. I really don't like the state of suppression as it is in the game at the moment. It is usually not much more than a stun, while it can be canceled by QSS, even though it's usually one of the main features (and the ultimate) of the champ. I would like to see a change to suppression so that QSS can't cancel suppression anymore. This would be an actually small nerf to QSS (if you think about the fact that only 4 out of 130+ champions have a suppression spell) and it would cause that champions like Warwick and especially Skarner have more ways to be effective in a fight because the enemy carry can't just nullify their ultimate. Both champions can be peeled pretty easily from the enemy team even if the suppression can't be canceled anymore because they are **melee** champions and practically every kind of peel and/or CC can interrupt engages of them. Malzahar's ultimate would have to be changed a bit because it's actually already too strong at the moment even though it can be canceled with QSS. It should be fine if **Mercurial Scimitar** has a "suppression canceling" effect because it costs 3600 gold (which is **A LOT**) and it is an serious upgrade to the usual QSS besides the small Movement Speed boost (kinda like Hexdrinker and Maw of Malmortius). So not every champ can buy it that easily without delaying their typical item build. The biggest german YouTube channel about LoL (**LRSB**) already did a video about this a long time ago and I think he's right with saying that it's weird to nerf QSS, so it can't cancel Zed's or Fiora's ultimate, with the reason that it nullifies the ultimate of the champion, while it still cancels the suppression ultimate of Skarner for example. _**TL/DR:**_ Suppression is in a weird state at the moment. QSS shouldn't be able to cancel suppression (Malzahar would have to be changed for this), while it would be ok if Mercurial Scimitar still has the suppression canceling effect. (sorry for bad grammar and/or spelling. I'm not a native english speaker, but tried my best with this little rant because it's a problem that's already bothering me for a long time)
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