[Suggestion] Due to the recent amount of trolls/int feeders and the following reports

TL;DR Hello, Summoners, what do you think about the idea of adding a /votekick command in the game, so not only you, but both teams can deal with trolls/int feeders? Let's say you have that Tahm Kench (let's name him John Doe) in your team who constantly devours and spits someone into the enemy team, causing him to flash and/or instantly die. And here is where that option kicks in, because having that player in your team is actually worse than him being AFK. Then you go with /votekick John Doe (or a menu should appear, because sometimes players have these weird symbols, that your keyboard might lack of and you won't be able to write the name, or there should be a separated button in the TAB section, away from the mute buttons, so nobody can click it by mistake). After you initiate a votekick, both teams should have the chance to vote (excluding premades, as if you have 3 or more people premade in your team, it wouldn't be fair, cause they will never vote "YES", so only one of them should be allowed to vote or even if they all can vote the 6/4 YES/NO result should be counted as PASSED unlike the early surrender where a 4/1 YES/NO vote doesn't PASS). If the enemy team is aware of what's happening, they should vote YES, instead of taking an advantage of the situation and if they refuse to do it, you can report them afterwards and here we will need stronger punishments from Riot to assure that those people are also punished for taking such an advantage. The kicked person should not have the option the Reconnect, but he will need to wait for the game to end, before starting a new one. The kicked person will have the right to defend himself with an instant feedback after the kick occurs and explain why he got kicked. If he was trolling and complains that he got kicked - even stronger penalty. If he was wrongly kicked, because people just wanted to - punishment for all who voted YES during that game. Think of all the times you wanted someone gone from your game, because of trolling, feeding or in any other way assisting the enemy team. Thank you for your time. Kind regards, XPRSN
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