Why does Riot protect Zed?

Seriously, I want to know... {{champion:238}} is one of the WORST champions in this game and yet all Riot does is protect him. He is the most complained about champion on these boreds with MOST of the community saying he is unbalanced and simply rediculous and unfair. His damage is beyond what anyone else in the game is capable of, his ult is point and click and has no skill componant. He has no real resource (Energy is a joke because he recovers it so damn quickly, he might as well be like {{champion:92}} and just have no resource) and yet Riot constantly protects him... I just have one question WHY!? What makes him so special that he can be protected from the nerfbat that hits EVERY other champion (unless its {{champion:64}}). People SAY he's toxic and yet no rework planned for him. WHY?
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