Quinn vs Garen top has to surely be the most oppresive counter in the entire game. (suggestion)

There is literally 0, nada, zero Garen can do in this lane, and trust me there are many extremely hard lanes for Garen but Quinn tops the lot. The fact that even if you camp by turret she still can poke you down whilst staying out of turret range is absurd, she has an ability which gives her free wards every 40 seconds, so she is invulnerable to ganks, a blind which completely stops Garen's ult from happening, that move where she slows you, plus her ult which is basically a free tp to lane so she can afford to run Ignite... My suggestions: Buff Garen/Nerf Quinn/ Increase tower range so range cannot poke you at turret and take no agro I dont mind reading criticism, or tips on how to play this matchup better, any help is appreciated
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