Trouble with playing Morgana as support

I've been practicing Morg as support since I'm not very good with her. Firstly, I find her Q a little hard to land in lane... :/ It is sorta the same as landing a Blitz grab since the hitbox and range are the same and minons can block it... (I've never been good with Blitz either) xd Secondly, I'm not really sure how to position well with her in teamfights. When I play my supports Soraka, Janna, Nami... you know those ranged ones. The best has always been staying at the very back next to the ADC. But To hit Morg ult, I feel I need to be in the front. But that don't seem to be a good idea either... So I'm not really sure where I should stick around when I play Morg. Also items, I really don't like buying Zhonyas since she is support. But I kind of have to I guess. I really like getting Rylais on her so the W can become a slow field too. And along with Rylais, Liandry is more beneficial. These items fills up 3 slots already. Having Sightstone and Boots leaves only 1 slot left for...I guess Redemption. I don't know if Zhonyas really is I kind of want to buy Locket instead of it. But I'm not sure. Anyhow, I know for a fact that I'm not performing very well on Morg support compared to other champions... Not sure what I'm doing wrong exactly. (Except that I find Q hard to land sometimes) :/
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