non metha strategy

I wonder if there would work a metha change to have 1 top ,1 mid , 1 bot adc vs adc , and 2 junglers . I am thinking into 2 thinghs , 2 junglers , more much team work insanity and strength when it comes to do plays in lanes , easy secured kills , i mean if enemy jungler would face 2 junglers most of the time he would be overhelm . How i would play this metha .. , well support goes a permisive jungler who can protect late game the adc , such as lee sin , sejuani,vi , zac etc... , something what have some cc to protect adc. The game starts like this mid adc help the main jungler take blue if we upper side of the map.. , and me and top take enemy blue , so we leak lot's of experience , by the time our main jungler finish his side , i get enemy half xp early from enemy jungler and i have lv advantage as well as my jungler have some level to actually easy broke enemy on ganks. I would question if this is possible, i mean adc could play freez or play really safe ,and could be a tactic to work only against some kind of team composition , but it could look intresting.
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