Am i The only one seeing how unbalanced season 7 is?

Is someothing wrong with me?! the more i play ranked games the more i see how a handfull of champs are just gamebreaking. For instance Ap champions are absurdly op({{champion:134}} {{champion:28}} {{champion:115}} {{champion:84}}) , able to one shot an adc or just overall any squishy champion, even able to alone burst down a tank. And completly rubish counterplay, sure there are dodge mechanics for most of the champs, but what about the undodgeable skills for exmaple like {{champion:134}} ult {{champion:7}} q without items like {{item:3157}} . Their damage scales so high it just shreds throught magic ressist like butter, {{champion:7}} able to 2 shot you with w q and passive combo(105mr and still overdoing a 1500 damage over 2.5 seconds) how are you supposed to counterplay in this kind of situations. And i was just talking from the perspective of ap caster, what about adc or bruiser's? Assasins are a good example. Yes they are op in season 7 but atleast their skill's can be dodged and in the end outplayed. I don't know if im being salty and toxic, i'm just getting frustrated about how a good player alone can impact a game so hard vs a decent team and it's comming from ex Diamond 4 and sorry for bad english, im not a native speaker
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