This patch is an insult to mages and mages mains.

Got no mana ? Too bad you can't regen it anymore early, stay useless ! Get dunked by the lifesteals buff. Wanna poke me ? I regen my whole health on one creep bro. Got items that boost my mobility so much, but you little mage stay idle waiting for me to assassinate you ! ( * under tower because towers are useless to me* ) **EDIT :** I'll be honest here about i think, mage is the most stresfull role in the game right now because it's in the worst position ever. You are in the most gankable lane, most of them have no mobility or escapes, you are squishy as hell and with this patch your early is trash and you can get stomped anytime. Come on people just go play Lux or Ziggs or Zyra or Anivia whatever mid and tell me your wonderfull experience about how you can't get your items right while your opponents are crushing you because you'll mostly now get adcs and assassin's.
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