Chromas are targeting the wrong audience and are going to sink again, please hear me out.

After the latest news about Chromas, i feel like Riot is missing the whole point of why Chromas failed in the first place and need a bigger rework. The first thing i didn't like with Chromas when they came out is how random they are and inconsistent. Riot choose skins to have chromas out of thousand skins and the community has no word on it. Why is this a problem you ask ? Well let's take a look with some maths : - Teemo gets a Chroma on Cottontail Teemo. - Teemo has 2,95% pickrate this patch. Out of...let's say 50 million players, that makes approximately 1,5 million teemo players in the world (and most of them are not mains, just played or tested etc...) - Out of all those Teemos, i figured that over 50% of those Teemo players don't own a skin and for the few people that own a skin on Teemo there is even fewer people that own Cottontail Teemo (because he has a lot of skins). Maybe 10% of all 1,5m Teemo players. - And out of that 10%, how many of them are interested in buying a Chroma for their skin ? Do you understand where i'm going ? The numbers are INCREDIBELY SMALL, even for other skins, because most of those skins are not a safe value for money. Now let's take this on another angle : what if Chromas were mostly or only for default classic skins like Zac or Fizz ? That would be much more approchable, since people can buy those champions for IP, and if they can't afford to get a skin, they'd have two options : - Wait for the IP sale (twice a year and i feel like this is a scam) - Mastery, as Riot stated they're still working on it, here's how i see it : if you get to mastery 5 with that champion, each game you have a very low chance of getting a chroma token that you can use 2 or 3 of them to craft a chroma for that champion, exactly like mastery tokens ! (only with rng involved). Don't you really feel like this is better ? Every champion could have their own chroma, and most people in the game could enjoy them and own them. This way, we target a minority of people owning a bunch of random skins that might not even want to get those Chromas in the first place. Chromas are just a color swap, which would take 10 minutes for one to accomplish since textures are 2D based and can be easily recolored using the right tools. I don't feel like such content should be this random. Thanks for reading, and i hope this gets to a lot of people.
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