Please do something about this one shot meta!

It is soooo frustrating to not play a tank nowadays. I am playing a lot of support atm and especially the squishier supports (mostly bard, sometimes soraka). But things are just getting out of hand in this meta.... There is way to much damage. I understand that i can get one shotted by a rengar that is 8-0, however if i have some tanky items and have a positive score it just seems not fair to get oneshotted by a 2-4 rengar.... Oh and remember that ezreal that me and my botlane mate destroyed in lane? Doesnt matter, after 22 minutes i die due to 1 q+w+R combo while he has one complete item. Rito pls fix your dmg. This is getting out of hand. There is an endless list of champs and items that have to much dmg output... Even if the one-shotter is on my team it is not fun. I'd like to play some head to head games with tension and excitement. Not a russian one-shot roulette.. {{sticker:sg-ahri-3}}
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