What the actually **** is wrong with this system...

From silver 1 97 LP road to bronze 5 bcs it's my fault , it's my fault bcs i have 0/10 vladimir and full of feeders like all games , i suck and im bad bcs 1 team mate feeded hard the enemy and then all the team will have bad scored , im bad bcs 1 enemy is says "im a d5 smurf , get rekt scrubs" then lose the game for sure , it's my bad bcs i can't climb with totally useless team mate , only 1 ruin the game , it's my bad bcs teammate say "my first game , buyed this account" then hard feed bcs he's unskilled and didn't have enough experience, lose like -23 LP and win like +17 bcs rito hates me... How should i climb ? Don't say "fck this guy , he's lying" , well , spectate my games and see , and see match history , i have bad scores too but not like 0/99999 hard feed ..
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