Can you guys please ask us if we want a champion to be reworked?

Some champions became super popular again such as Warwick and Evelynn and Urgot, and I get that these champions probably needed reworks, in fact most of the reworks you do are really good. However some champions not so much, a lot of people got really annoyed at the Rengar rework and fortunately he will be seeing some love again soon however with when it comes to my mains you just can't help yourself :D So you turned Kindred into this crit adc thing with more range on marks instead of damage which changed their gameplay and I really dislike the feel of the champion now, I am pretty sure your whole idea behind reworking champions is to make them more relevant, but that didn't happen much with Kindred and you more or less disrupted are small community of one tricks, some liked the rework some didn't, not many new people really decided to main him so I'm certain their play rate must have dropped slightly if anything. Also you are now going to rework Irelia which has a pretty decent player base to the champion already, she isn't desperately unpopular and can really carry games. She is highly mechanical and very fun and I love to two versus one when they finally decide to gank me because you can just jump onto the squishy jungler and kill them whilst tanking their damage due to your ult, hopefully they have a squishy jungler. Either way I think its really sad that you don't think she fits her theme of 'The Will of the Blades' as I think she is one of those champions who feels like she just takes relentless split pushing and will power of being camped and I get this huge 1v9 I'm jumping on the enemy back line and I don't care if my team comes or not because of will power, and you end up engaging really well because unlike an assassin you can not only kill the back line but stay alive as a tank and heal enough to survive. I know you guys don't think she has the flying blade thing down but I think she does, I don't think that she is too similar to all the other swordsman which is I'm pretty sure why you don't like to make anymore. She isn't this magical champion, she isn't Ryze and she isn't some magical tank like Ornn, she is a fighter, and when you have armour and a blade that's pretty magical but its mainly your power behind it, a bit like Yasuo with his wind magic behind his blade, you get that fighter aesthetic and its amazing. "Hmm not sure what I can do to alleviate concerns because I'm not sure what "funky stuff" means. What I can say is that right now Irelia is a very "Stat checky" champion. She is also not really delivering on the "Blade Dancer" fantasy that she occupies. We would likely try to make her much less of a "State Check" and much more of a "Blade Dancer" but we haven't started on a kit or anything yet so I can't say what the details of that would be." -Reav3 - I understand that you guys want her to be this magical blade dancing thing but I urge you to reconsider because she already does this with her q, when you get into intense top lane 1v1s and you outplay your opponent by dancing on the minions with well timed Qs when the minions are low and dodge their abilities you feel like a dancer for sure. However if everyone wants to rework Irelia so be it, but I just feel like all of these reworks are just forced onto the community all the time and we should really have a say about the game we are playing every day. It just feels like you guys want to keep it fresh to keep people playing who might be getting bored or to make more people buy champions with hopefully RP this time. Its making me super sad that you do this to champions and if you go ahead and rework Lux and Ahri I'm probably gonna have to call it quits because these four champions are my heart and soul, but lets face it you won't rework these two because a lot of people play them and they probably fit your expectations. I just would like you to do a survey or something or ask after a rework maybe 6 months later if people are good with it or want a revert so that champions are made to our expectations. Again don't get me wrong most of your reworks are fantastic, but having the option after 6 months, where most people should be fine with the rework except in some cases (e.g. Rengar) would be a really nice way of making the community feel they have more control over the game and for really hated reworked champions to be shown some love again and reverted.
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