The most unbalanced state of game i've witnessed

Everything oneshots u, fizz with one item oneshots olaf with tank jng item, mordekaiser autoattacks u to death, aphelios oneshots u,garen trades in lane and comes back from it full hp, garen has 100% tenacity basically, silence, dps ability, true damage ult, everything has slows, everything has heals, lifesteal, spellvamp, meta is literally healing and healing and sustaining in lane,grievous doesnt help, Garen has been overtuned for 10 years straight and no one gives a fck, why would tank prevent u from using ur abilities, and why would tank be able to remove all slows from him, and why would tank need healing out of combat passive when there is literally items like warmongs for late game, potions and runes for buffing potions,items like doran shield for early game, why would he have mobility,silence,dps, true damage, 100% tenacity, shield,stacking armor and mr.... It's so bad that u can't play off meta, it became standard that u better don't fight any broken champs until u farm enough and scale... That's all that u do, instead of having fair trades, u need to wait to out farm garen but he will be zoning u and stuff, and when u engage on him he will silence u, and when u deal some dmg to him he will retreat a little and heal to full hp while u sit there with half hp because he was skilled enough to hit u with aa and q.... U can say im just gold and that i suck so thats why im bad, but i don't want to be stressed while playing a video game, i want fair gameplay and no broken shts like garen aphelios zoe and even yasuo is unfair atm...
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