Headhunter Nidalee's spear is hard to spot (Especially as a colorblind person)

So, Headhunter Nidalee is the only Nida skin which doesn't have that yellow glow, those rays, whatever, around her spear. Normally, I have no trouble playing against her and dodging her spears. However, I have a really hard time spotting Headhunter Nidalee's spears. Mainly because of the fact that I'm colorblind and for me the spear looks almost the same as the terrain. Solution: Please Give Headhunter Nidalee's Spear a glow, so that it's easier to notice. (As I've tried to illustrate in the pictures below) Although the skin is cool, and I myself own it and I think it's awesome, it's quite frustrating to play against due to there being no glow around the spear. ~Manatee
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