i really want to buy the new infernal Galio skin But.......

I really want to buy infernal Galio when it gets released but Galio is just too weak to play and just a straight up lose pick. he is pretty much unplayable since the remove of flash taunt. He did got some buffs afterwards but these buffs dont make it up for the big nerf to his flash W combo. Galio just needs some good buffs. like his ultimate its 180 seconds cooldown and it only has a 0,75 seconds knock up and only a 150 base damage, this cooldown is pretty high for this. Galios ultimate used to deal more damage and have damage reduction. more range longer CC. Well almost everthing got removed from his ultimate so i dont understand why its cooldown is so high. Infernal Galio wont sell if Galio continues to be a thrash pick like he is now.
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