Why can Soraka heal minions?

Why can Soraka {{champion:16}} heal minions? And why can Karma{{champion:43}} shield them? Do you think this is intended by Riot, so that they can push waves or deny CS? It has been removed from Lulu and we know, that denying creeps is nothing Riot likes. Do you think they forgot about it, or is it considered a feature/valid strategy? What do you guys think about this? **EDIT: **I tried to make this clearer. I do not have a **PERSONAL **problem with this, it just seems weird from a _design perspective_. I think it should either be a clear strength for a champ, just happen to be possible (like with Braum E) or not possible at all. In terms of _design_! Ingame I like doing it myself and it doesn't seem too strong anyways.
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