My experience with Dynamic Queue

I am currently Gold V "Solo/Duo Queue" player, if we can call this game mode like that. In previous ranked seasons I didnt used to play a lot solo/duo que but instead Twisted Treeline. Me and my teammates were Platimum last two seasons in 3v3 game mode. This season we focused on playing more Solo/Que ranked and neither my friends nor me could progress well because of new ranked system. We are constantly losing games as premade of 3 mainly because of 2 players that are playing with us. Some of them may just have a bad game, but I am sure a lot more dont deserve to be in divion they are in. Many get boosted by their friends up to there and when they queue solo they just ruin our game. I am not saying that I deserve to be Challenger or something, but you cant tell me that 3 players that are Platinum I currently in Twisted Treeline ranked, cant go beyond Silver/Gold division in Solo queue. In our games in 3v3 we played against diamond/challenger players and succeed to win some of those teams. So I am pointing here that making Dynamic queue ruined League of Legends' ranked system, many bad players got to higher division that they dont deserve by getting boosted. And many good players (not pointing at me only) cant progress to higher divisions because of those player that shouldnt be there. I think that old Solo/Duo queue was perfect match making system because those who are not that good players cant get carried by only one friend, because one player cant win solo game if oposite team have brain. I am interested what other players think about this!
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