my two cents on new players and what to do first

i don't pretend to be any better at this game than the next guy, but i like to believe i have some experience and know my way around the game, so here's my take on how a new player should start out what does what mean some often used slang you might not know about in your first game MIA: missing in action SS: stay safe (used the same way as MIA, just watch your back) CDR: cooldown reduction MR: magic resistance 1) look at the champions that cost 450 IP they're cheap, allowing you to build a respectable champion pool with little effort, are relatively simple to play and learn the game with, and varried, buying ashe, annie, garen, warwick and soraka costs you 2250 IP and gets you a simple champion for every role 2) don't imediatly jump to harder champions while not always the case, most of the champions costing 3150 IP and up are a little harder to play, and cost more, you might be exited to play a populair champion like zed but rushing the purchase leaves you with one expensive champion, and no guarantees you're good at/enjoy playing him, again, refer to point 1 3) test the free weeks champions always play the free to play champions, it will give you an idea of their skills, as well as a few wins, needless to say, always test new champions versus the AI 4) don't buy runes before lvl 20 the bonuses provided by tier 1 and 2 runes are as good as nothing, just make do with masteries, also, you should spend your IP on building a champion pool, it doesn't matter if you have two full rune pages but only a hand full of champions, you can't play a rune page if you don't have a champion for a specific position 5) use active items i personaly find it easiest to have up to two active items, bind them to keys you don't use but are easy to reach, don't set one in the number 7, but keep one in the 1 and 3 as those are right next to QWER 6) no full damage fighters just a point i'd like to stress, fighters like xin'zhao, olaf and sion need armor and magic resistance to work, don't be one of those "5 AD items and a pair of boots oh hey how did i die" people, as a bare minimum get banshees veil and sunfire cape, mercury threads combine perfectly with banshees veil to make you very hard to stop when advancing onto the enemy squishy 7) glass cannon mage i'm not one to talk as glass cannon ahri is my favorite, but early in the game stay away from those builds, only when you're confident you can dodge anything they throw at you then you can play glass cannon, and do yourself a favor, don't go glass cannon on champions without any dashes/blinks 8) sightstone if you're a support then just buy it, there's no reason not to, also aplies to the support annies out there who think farming and killing the carry with a full AP build is a viable method of supporting 9) don't break the meta (yet) jungle teemo might seem nice, but if you're new to the game then don't do it, ply a champion in the role he or she is meant for, and only when you're good at playing the champion, then you can experiment 10) go VS the AI most people will tell you to "not go AI as it teaches you the wrong things" remember, these people are the first to cry report when you play a PVP game with a champion you're unfamiliar with, as a bare minimum you win at least 2 games VS the AI before taking a hampion into PVP 11) ward dragon and nashor early game it's either the support or the jungler who ward dragon while top or jungler ward baron (when it spawns) come late game however, every time you're close to their lair, you pop a ward there or kill the rift scuttler 12) kill the rift scuttler vision, speed boost and 50 gold, if you see him running and there's time then kill it, it's basicaly a ward at baron/dragon that gives you money for placing it 13) varry your builds look at what the enemy has, taric/ashe bot, xin jungle yasuo mid and olaf top? maybe you'll want to forget about that sunfire cape and get a thornmail? nidalee getting fed? abyssal scepter maw of malmortius and mercurial scimitar all let you build some magic resistance and still have some damage 14) for the greater good play as a teamplayer, if you're 0/10 and your 15/0 carry is about to be hit by a projectile you can block, then save his life same with being fed, if you're 10/0 then you might wana let your team take the kill, even if you get your full build, if your team has to get by with a few potions and a dorans item then you wont get far 15) don't rush the big items most of the time, a few small items that later build into a few bigger ones are better than delaying any purchase because you want that one expensive item 16) sustain yourself while not all champions can build these items, always try to include some lifesteal/spellvamp/health regen item in your build, keeping your health up is the number one way to survive 17) chase limit don't run after a champion for too long, if you've been running for 10 seconds then chances are his team MAY just have a clue as to where you are, and never chase deep into the enemy jungle, it takes a maximum of 5 econds to get from the lane to the jungle, turning that easy kill into an "why didn't my team SS" situation some champions aren't ever to be chased at all, singed who lays down a poison trail, ahri who excels at running and dealing tons of damage doing so, and ashe who can kite you to death are prime examples 18) ping, ping, ping if an enemy is missing, ping, if he doesn't come back within 10 second ping again, 10 seconds is all it takes to walk into another lane and kill your ally going somewhere? ping, your team can help you if you let them know you're comming, no gank has ever improved due to the jungler simply apearing out of nowhere and surprising his own team 19) consider saying no to help some champions are especially powerfull even in 2V1 fights, or sometimes a player just is that much better, if your oponent can kill you and the jungler every time he ganks then maybe it's time to camp under your turret with an item providing resistances and telling your jungler to go help other lanes, if your lane opoennt is simply to powerfull the best thing to do is often not engaging at all and simply getting what farm you can, come late game you can then team up with your team and still win 20) how to handle a fed oponent a lot of players who are doing exceptionaly well will often start taking bigger and bigger risks, if you see an oponent getting cocky then exploit this, have a mobile champion bait him/her and lure them into a 5V1, not only will it give you breathing room, it also has a chance of sparking an argument in the enemy team, and enemies who argue are significantly easier to handle 21) i'm fed, now what? don't make the mestake of thinking yourself capable of handling the enemy alone, a fed player who sticks with his team, and tries to secure kills for his yet unfed allies has a significantly higher chance to win than one who says "oh hey i'm fed i'll go solo" 22) who do i save? maybe not happened yet, but you're sure to come allong a situation where two of your allies are low on health, and you only have one shield/heal, who do you save? it depends on the game, which player is better at the time, and many more factors, but i have a personal ranking system when your allies are equals AD carries take priority 1 AP carries (mages assassins, AD assassins may apply) take priority 2 the support is vital in most cases, providing utility and often some form of healing or shields and buffs, hence they take priority 3 fighters/tanks should be able to save themselves, they should have some tanky items, hence they come 4th 23) the mute button once an ally starts flaming/being toxic you're best of muting them, go to the scoreboard and click the icon at the far right of the flamer's stats, alternativel you can use "/mute all" to instantly mute your entire team 24) spamming spells some spells are very powerfull but very costly, build items or provide masteries and/or runes to regenerate your mana (or HP) blitzcrank's rocket grab can change the course of a fight but spamming it will leave you helpless in little les than two minutes and soraka can spam astral infusion wut without either HP regen or good starcalls the 10% health cost will leave her recalling much to early or force her to sit back 25) diving diving a turret isn't something you should be doing, not every champion can do it and even then they require a ton of skill to pull them off, even a low health renekton just has to use dominus to gain a chunk of health, then stuns you with ruthless predator while the turret and cull the meek finish you, playing his cards right that 200 HP renekton could come out of the dive with 200-800 HP restored by using his ult (this due to the bonus HP from dominus not disapearing after the spell wears off) suggestions are welcome
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