I have lost so many matches because of a bad Baron call or a badly done Baron. When Baron can be so easy. Let me explain. This is when it's a** bad idea **to do Baron: * the whole enemy team is alive and you are even (you will be weakened by the Baron fight and easy prey) or behind, * two people on the enemy team are dead but their superfed carry is alive, * you are struggling to defend base, * he hasn't even spawned yet (this has legit happened to me, someone called Baron at minute 12), * you have bad items and not sure you can actually kill him, * you know the enemy is warding but nobody on your team was smart enough to get a {{item:3364}}, * you aced the enemy team but they will be back up in 10 seconds, * when the enemy team is doing baron and you're alone (seriously, don't even think about it, you can't 1v5). And this is when it's a **good idea **to do Baron: * you aced the enemy team and their death timers are long enough, * you killed a big part of the enemy team, or at least their most fed members, * you are so ahead that the enemy team poses to threat to you even if they come. Now, let's move onto how to properly do Baron with minimum casualties: * Ward. Not just your support, everyone. Ward every single nearby bush. * Sweep the nearby bushes and kill any enemy wards you find. * Make sure that your team isn't low on HP or OOM (it's always fun to be flamed for no help when you're OOM as Soraka) and their everyone's important abilities and spells are off cooldown. * Have as many members of the team as possible help (ideally everyone) to do it quickly and safely. And that's it. I might have forgotten something. If I have, let me know, will add it to the list. And remember:** Baron does not make you magically win the game**. Neither does it make anyone invincible. You can't 1v5 just because you took Baron and the enemy isn't unkillable either.
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