ARURF sucks

ARURF sucks.There is NO reason the best featured gamemode to be made AR(all random).I remember when they put ARURF and there was a post for it too and under the post riot said something like that : We would like players to try and play more than 20 champs which are picked every game.So first if somebody would %%%%ing want to play a champion and try it in urf he will.Second there is a reason everybody to play all this 20 champs cuz they are fun and op to play and the other champs arent just cool and fun to play in urf and they suck there so this is a %%%%ing gamemode which is suppost to be for fun then why would u make us to get all this shitty boring champs in urf ?Riot r u trying to control us what we will play ?Then why dont u just made ranked solo duo all random too ?And third the players are so much %%%%ing toxic in this arurf just played 2 games and both in my games the enemy had better champs for urf and we lost hard 2 from the ppl in my team were toxic and in the games i got shen and eve.Eve was ok and but shen i was so %%%%ing bored and i was even tilted at the end of the game i just wanted to open mid.I think that arurf is the most boring gamemode now from all the gamemodes on the que yeah u can get sometimes a cool champ on it but rest of ur team wouldnt and u will lose hard a game they will be toxic and tilted cuz they have stupid champs etc.i just feel that this weekend and the next one there isnt just a featured gamemode. Sorry for the cursing im very mad atm

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