Mordekaiser needs some changes since the new runes ASAP

Since they removed old Stormraiders and replaced it with the new one, Mordekaiser has just become the biggest steaming pile of garbage ever imaginable, sure he will still work in garbage MMR or Bronze were a Xerath will walk up to your face to trade, but in higher elo were people know hot to handle a Morde, and know how to counterpick or kite with an ADC he will be nothing but a free-kill vending machine. Not to mention that he isn't just absolutely garbage, but on top of that he is the most bugged champ in all of League of Legends, and probably brings together more bugs than there actually are in 99% of all the others champs in League. Conclusion : either try n fix his bug and change a rune so he can actually benefit from it or Delete his code, write a completely new one, Full rework...
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