Anyone else getting tired of this?

After a huge break from midlane,I decided to try akali mid,or even top.Even though I’ve managed to play,Most of the times,people will dodge champ selection because they don’t wanna play support,or even ban someone else’s pick because they denied going supp.This ends up with me canceling queue (cause there’s no way I get placed on my first choice after someone dodges champ select),waiting for 2 mins,then it happens again and sometimes I even sit there for 20 minutes trying to play akali.There are times I just log out and do something else.I just wanted to express my feelings.I swear I do NOT remember anything like this from when I used to main midlane again.I guess people in higher elo don’t have that problem THAT frequently.Is climbing the only way out?Like seriously,at least take Pyke IF you want more action,you execute people and share the gold with your team.I tried to be quick.
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