About Vladimir.

I heard some disscusion about how vlad might get nerfed (**True or not doesn't matter**), now are you fking serious...., with Vlad early game you have to try WAAAY! harder to survive than with any other champ, his dmg on basic or E sucks even more for farming early, you pretty much have to wait for minion to get to NO Hp! to be able to take it, get pushed under tower early and you'll miss half minions, you have to f** calculate minions health hit each one of them 1-2 times before turret starts hitting it to be able to properly take it with basic, try pushing the lane and you're screwed, try freezing it your opponent can push again under your tower and you're screwed either way, ask for gank early to help you a bit and you're useless becose you got no dmg or cc enough to support your jungler, sure his late game is strong but what about Darius, Riven, Irelia and so on..they have strong early, strong enough to be able to get ahead and still stay strong late, even worse in this mobility meta now (atleast what it looks like to me), with your short range you get poked so hard before you manage to get to anyone and then again, they can just jump away, i tried taking ghost but guess what... someone with Trinity force was as fast as me using ghost lol... and yea we both had complete boots.., i just don't understand why some champs have such bigger advantage to others, some champs just seem useless... it's like throw out the Old and just use New.. new is always better, just saying pay more attention to older champs, don't go just creating new ones and leaving older ones almost unplayable.
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