As a low elo support player, this meta is the most boring i've been in since Ardent Censer

Tl;dr: i don't feel like support is a satisfying role as you must do damage to be relevant in soloq. This is not what the support role is about. This is a typical 'rant' about supports in general. However, i don't really know where to start. If this seems a little unstructured, my apologies as i'm writing this as i go. Let me start off by saying i love playing league. I mostly dont care about the toxic community and the OP champions everyone's talking about. Those things exist and i embrace it. Bad games also happen and i'm a below average player. I follow the meta very closely and try to see what's the new strong pick of the patch. I picked up yuumi and she's fun to play with friends. However, with this patch came a truck of loss streaks and unfortunate games. Lately, my winrate has plummeted to the point where i don't dare touch soloq and only play normals with friends. I tried to find out whats keeping me from winning games and after my match history was littered with defeats, as i frustratingly press alt+f4 as my nexus explodes, i came to realise that support isnt the role i fell in love with back when i was a lulu one trick. I remember back when ardent censer was the bane of every ADCs existence, i played Janna a lot. It was a meta i could find myself in, not because of how mind-bogglingly broken it was for the time, but because it was the support role on steroids. I loved shielding my lucian for 500hp while he tore through the enemy team because that's what supports do: enhance and enable their ADC to carry (it's in the name) the game for you. As time goes by, tank supports had their time to shine too. Then i played braum and alistar, with the occasional thresh thrown in there for giggles. It was once again something i loved doing, because thats what the support role is about: peeling, cc'ing and enabling your ADC to deal the damage for you. I still find myself playing these champs frequently. However, we're now at a point where all of that doesnt matter anymore. As top laners become carries with playmakers like Irelia, Akali (who i also have to make a post about), Sylas and the like being picked over tanks, more damage gets into the game. In the mid lane, mages are being replaced by carries in the form of assassins, AP bruisers, the same picks every game because it just deals so much damage. As the jungle is finding its way back to glory (can't go any more downhill tbh), there are two ways it can go: even more damage pumped into the game, or tanks. Guess which one it'll be. And what do you do as a support in a game where every lane is full on damage and nothing else? You're forced to take damage as well, because if you pick a tank, four carries shred through you and you're dead before using all of your abilities. If you pick an enchanter, your shields simply don't do enough for you do be relevant, plus you're super squishy. Want to play a hook champion? Well have fun only being able to pick either nautilus or pyke, since those have damage in their kit as well. And what's left is the mid laners who got dumped into the support role for not being good enough: lux, brand, zyra, velkoz, galio,... I don't want to play these champions. I didnt pick mid lane, i want to play a support. Hell, i'd even go as far as saying building ardent censer every single game felt more rewarding than being forced into a worse midlaner. This might be different in higher elos, but this is what silver/gold feels like to me. And it sucks so bad.
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