New Swain

Played since the game came out. Played Swain since he came out for the most part. You kept his worst features, and abandoned some of the good. w is useless except for scouting. Even with rooting people can dash out sometimes. Made it even smaller. If Swain is behind even a little bit he gets jumped and dies before his Ultimate does anything, even full stacked, if he has no stacks while getting engaged he dies instantly. The cool down of w is a joke. No escapes, no evades. You made the character worse against the champions he was already worse against and better against champions he could already beat. You removed even more CC from a champion that already struggled with mobile characters. You force even less valid builds or the damage fall off makes Swain even more useless. You removed the unique unusual feel from a dot-dmg/tankish AP hero and created another dull champion that is supposed to do burst damage with q, there are already 25 champions or so who are doing this. If you are so much out of ideas add some dot armor and items or something to re balance the game, playing either assassin, tank or support is pretty much the only classes in the game now, you effectively removed 2 out of 5 classes from the game. It might be possible that you balanced the champion for master-tier and beyond, I can't actually evaluate that since I don't play that well. But for any Elo I played against from silver to diamond no matter who played the champion or against everything what made Swain good is no worse or as bad as before. Mediocre range, no escape, not being able to follow through unless you sacrifice damage masteries for CC, unstable/unreliable heal and with bigger cool downs. I would really like to hear the thought process of the person who made this changes. And this problem is not by any stretch of the imagination limited to swain, but extends to a lot of tweaks you made in the past year. This rework could have worked with the old masteries, but with the dumbed down system it makes no sense to me.
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