Ranked feels really different in Season 9 - in a bad way

Last season was my first time playing ranked, so I don't have the most experience. But it really feels like ranked is different this season. I finished Gold last season in 39 wins, so not a lot and it was in the last two months of the season. But I still felt like there were equal parts other players with decent game knowledge and experience. This season I think it's likely I'll place around Silver 3 which I was last season and that's fine. But Silver feels very different to last season. I am being constantly matched with and against new players so games feel decided very early on because the players don't know what to build or any kind of decision making. Iron is supposed to be the place for new players, so why does Silver currently feel like Iron? I climbed fairly easily last season but I fear it's going to be a lot harder this season due to new players not knowing what to do and being stomped by low Gold players who are yet to climb but have played for seasons. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and what I am to expect once I finish my placement games. Is anyone noticing the same in other elos or the same elo as me? Is this typical of the beginning of the season? Any thoughts welcome - friendly discussion :) I understand I'm not an expert on this subject but I'm happy to hear people's experiences of previous seasons and how they compare to this season. Thanks!
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