Missions do not show up, Watch a match mission - fkin BS i watched 3 matches logged into esports and didnt get the reward now im reading missions list on FAQ about this WORLDS event and some of the missions have ended???? whitch i never had a chance to do in the first place? i only have 25 tokens so i can say goodbye to the WORLDS ORB, because no more free missions for me i guess, sorry for not buying 15e worth worlds pass. :) Thanks for bugging up the game since the new era of a client update, never was it good, its a shame that such a big company cant get their BASIC elements working properly. Im super triggered, but i guess its a part of a game :) because in every match some broken darius or yi or ffs yasuo adc knockss ur nerves in addition to that u got this pile of garbadge not working. _**Jack of all trades, master of none**_ P.S. i play everyday at least one match so i could have seen the missions.
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