Thoughts on the removal of Twisted Treeline @Riot

Firstly you could give players something more than 2 icons and an emote which is not even animated and even if dominion players got just one icon, that doesn’t mean it has to be the same now. It wasn’t a nice reward at the time and this definitely hasn’t changed now. Second, I’m extremely sad to see Twisted Treeline go. It’s such a fun mode to get a couple games in and the different meta and strategies make it unique. I really feel like riot fell into a vicious cycle. Not updating the mode brought players away from it which ultimately meant Riot wouldn’t update the mode and start the cycle again. It doesn’t matter that you changed a few things every once in a while. Twisted Treeline still feels like a forgotten mode even if you add some items to it. It needs some constant support to keep players interested. What I would like is for Riot to reconsider their decision and keep Twisted Treeline. Give it even a fraction of the love it deserves. You even took away PvE modes now, are you really not able to support and update TT every once in a while? It doesn’t need the same level of support as Summoner’s Rift. Instead of trying to develop new modes like Nexus Blitz, that are fun for a while and then when the novelty ends people just start playing Summoners Rift again, give some love to TT. If people still play the mode even if it doesn’t receive any updates it means something. If there are people that love the mode even in this state, a thanks for sticking around isn’t enough. Saying that the mode needs to be removed to support something else is just a joke. You were barely supporting it anyway. How many resources are actually devoted to that mode? Please Riot reconsider your decision. (Sorry for any error, English is not my main language)
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