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Hey guys! So last season I didn't play much but I was Gold III from just support on jungle. If I got any other role 9 times out of 10 I'd lose. I made it my mission to learn every role and got much better at the other three roles. I then thought for this season I wanted to carry myself, which is supposedly easier to do from a carry role, plus I mained j4 and the nerf made him significantly weaker. I decided to start maining adc, top and mid. This season my placement matches went terribly and I went 2-8 and was put in silver II. I thought np as I'll climb and after moving between silver I and III for a bit I eventually got back into gold and hit gold III again. At this point I went on a bad losing streak and was playing so poorly. I went to Gold V 0 lp and was not doing enough to win games. I downloaded LSI to watch my replays and try and iron out mistakes but it was too late. I won 7 in a row gaining 12lp a time before losing 3 and going straight back to 0 lp. My win % this season is about 48.5% so it seemed harsh to have such an lp discrepancy. I was demoted back to silver I yesterday which is where I now am. The problem is, I think I'm playing really well compared to how I was, yet still losing a fair bit and my lp loss is still much greater than my lp gain. This is so demoralising because I feel like I'm going to end up at a lower rank than I deserve. I know there I things I could improve on but looking at my recent games stats does anyone notice what I should do better and how I could improve it? Also how long does it take for my mmr to balance out and start gaining? I feel like I would play better if I had more of an lp gain too. Finally has anyone got any further advice! I fully acknowledge that I am where I deserve to be and I don't want to blame the system but since I started playing well, my teams on the whole have not been great and don't listen! Any advice on combating that too! Sorry for the big blocks of text and thanks for the advice!

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