Retrospective from someone who quit the game.

Hey there. I quit playing League of Legends almost a year ago, and I wanted to share my experience with you. I am not sure if this is the right board, so feel free to move this if it is in the wrong place. I started playing in S4 with a friend, because we could play together even if he had little money and a crappy PC. We had lots of fun on the game and worked to improve and learn. I like S5's meta much less; it was also a difficult time with my life, went through some life threatening debilitating health issues, depression, and a drastic change of life plans. By the time S6 started I had fixed most of the health problems and depression started slowly fading away. Something like 3 months into S6 I had been unhappy with the way that the game had been evolving for a long time, and I finally realized I wasn't having any fun with it anymore. The game I once liked was mostly gone, it was too time consuming, too frustrating, and ultimately not even that much fun. I had stopped playing for a week or two here and there out of frustration, but always came back. The game is quite literally addicting, at least it was for me. But I decided I wanted to called it quits once and for all. And so I did. I have to admit it was very hard to let go after investing hundreds of dollars and about 2000 hours in the game. It becomes part of your daily routine, you just want to play it. I have quite a bit of knowledge in design and I can tell you what the most well done part of LoL is: it is addicting. It is very good at triggering your reward system, through sounds, effects, medals etc... You surely get that huge rush when you hear "PENTAKILL", don't you. And you want more. So it was hard, but I stayed away from it for a long time. Every now and again I would re-install and play a couple games out of nostalgia for my favorite champs. But I still never came back. And this is what I learned: if you don't have fun in LoL anymore, quitting is the best course of action. You just have to avoid it until it is no longer part of your daily routine. And resist the temptation of playing a couple games because of the new hyped feature that came out or whatever. I saw my life quality improve drastically; I was more focused at school, much more productive in my free time and more motivated in general. My depression became much easier to overcome. I got more stuff done and felt better about myself, and felt a lot less stressed in general. Because as much as this game can give you that wonderful rush of feeling powerful, it is also very good at making you feel useless and powerless; it can be very frustrating and stressful and it is definitely one of the most time consuming games out there. And Riot Games honestly has been ruining the game by adding SO much unnecessary nonsense, and overhauling major aspects of the game more than once a year. Today I wanted to play a couple games to see what was going on, and my decision was easily reconfirmed. If League is not fun for you anymore, I recommend that you follow my path. Looking back it was one of the best decisions I made in the last few years. There are plenty of great games out there. Don't get stuck here just because it's what you know. If it makes you feel bad do yourself a favor and find a better game, or hobby entirely! That being said, if you enjoy the game, go ahead and keep at it. I wish I could also enjoy it like when it started, but the game has changed, IMO for the worse, and it's not for me anymore. I just wanted to share with you, because this might legitimately help someone improve their lives, like it did for mine. Take care of yourself and don't fall into the trap of sticking with it because it's what you know. Don't be afraid of leaving behind what makes you feel bad, you'll find there is a lot to do in life that is much better than this. Hope this helps someone. This is probably the last time you'll see me around here, because I got no business here anymore. Take care of yourselves and have fun in your lives, don't anything or anyone ruin your day. Ever. Hope I see you around the internet or on some other game at some point. Have yourselves a great day!
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