How do i prevent falling off lategame as a jungler?

I am still sort of new to jungling but i still want to get atleast decent so i can try out new things, but there's a problem i keep facing when i play jungle. Whenever i play jungle, i fall off during mid-late game because im not focusing enough on farming nor ganking, and during early game i try to gank but most of the time i just get their flash or heal and then i lose focus on farming. During early game i try to farm enough and early-mid game i try to focus more on ganking, but as i said before, most of them are unsuccessfull or mildly successfull and i require any tips on what to do when you're falling off as a jungler. I feel as im focusing too much on ganking during mid-late game that i lose focus on farming and i dont know what to do after that. Lets take a scenario for example. Its Mid-late game and i fell off 2 levels from my level 16-17 team. As the enemy is closing in on midlane with a group of 4 members, i dont know wether i should focus on defending midlane and providing assistance, or to go farm so i can try to atleast get one level more before i head back into battle. This is what happens most of the time, but what i do is i focus on defending midlane and providing assistance, and if im lucky i can pick up a kill or atleast do some damage, but most of the time im only able to get assists rather than kills. After the teamfight has calmed down i head to the jungle to farm a little, maybe the raptors or buffs, hoping im able to get a level out of them and then i head back to a lane or do split pushing. I would appricciate any sort of assistance to prevent the issue of falling off lategame. It happens quite alot to me and i have not figured out how to prevent it. I have tried but i havent figured out a good way of doing it just yet. any kind of information/assistance is apricciated. (did i misspell that?) {{sticker:slayer-pantheon-thumbs}} Thankyou.

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