What League was, is and will become.

[EDIT]: Before you say I wrote this thread because I was unhappy with the division I got, I entered in Platinum V and I am happy with it. So with Season 6 starting I got back into ranked matches and realized why I stopped at Diamond V last season. Even though much of the verbal abuse I used to experience is gone, griefing/trolling is still a thing which makes me think... WHY? So I started playing during the late Season 3. Started learning how the game works, different mechanics, strategies, the fact that Olaf isn't an ADC. The game was really fun and balanced, I started watching streams and youtube videos, USUALLY, the matches were balanced and there wasn't really someone going in a 1v5 just stomping around (NEVER FORGET KASSADIN- he was so strong back then) Most of the op champions were those that just got released, they usually got nerfed shortly after hitting the live servers (kinda just like now) New strategies of playing were all around, many new players arrived and League was becoming a great game. In Season 4 A huge update (THAT WAS NECESSARY) took place. No more infinite wards, trinkets appeared and some of the bushes were made smaller (if I recall correctly) Many items got removed and new items took their places, it was fun to try new things. League was becoming an even greater game, attracting more and more people. Season 4 was the season I started getting into ranked, started understanding the game better. It was fun. Sadly, Toxicity was all over the place (for the record I was Bronze-Gold which is a big factor), people would AFK when they felt like it and trolling was met in a lot of games (NOT TALKING ABOUT BREAKING THE META). League had its problems, higher divisions had toxicity problems aswell. Chat bans were introduced and things went better. Toxicity was slowly but surely dropping down. THE LORE WAS INCREDIBLY RICH. Read any champion lore you want that was released during this time. In Season 5 Another interesting update took place... updating the map. The entire jungle changed, new items were added, many items changed their effects and some items were removed from the game (DFG I WILL ALWAYS MISS YOU {{item:3070}} ). New and interesting jungle paths were made. It was a great update. But something happened. Many champions started being UNBALANCED because of the item changes. Many nerfs were made and still it wasn't enough. REMEMBER THE GOD DAMN TANK JUNGLER META?? WHAT WAS THAT? I HAD NIGHTMARES WITH FREAKING J4, MAOKAI, AND GRAGAS BEATING ME UP. People started questioning if RIOT could balance the game. After a few updates, thing returned to "NORMAL". Some champions were still OP, but things were alright. Ranked was getting more and more interesting for me (got to diamond V). Even though toxicity still existed, I knew that a small report would be enough. Still, things changed. The game was getting... worse. I didn't feel the same fun I felt (from late season 3 - mid-season 5). Things were getting pretty annoying and the community was ignored too much. Many updates that NEED TO TAKE EFFECT are being ignored (I will get to that later). With the introduction of Chroma Packs, I felt like RIOT exaggerated so much. The community had so many great ideas AND YOU INTRODUCE CHROMA PACKS... REALLY ?! So, it was at this moment I stopped playing League that much (you are talking to a guy with over 2000 hours spent in-game). From at least 2 matches per day, it got to around 5 matches per week. Let's not forget about the lore. It went DOWNHILL. 5 lines of lore for every champ. THOSE 5 LINES WERE LITERALLY NOTHING. It was good that riot did things like the Bilgewater event so the lore wouldn't completely die. Pre-Season 6 The updates planned got my attention. Started playing a bit more when it came to my attention the amount of bugs in league. I played 1 game with a bunch of friends and we encountered 5 bugs. At that point I was surprised, I never encountered a bug in league (except for the SGU quote bug that LASTED SO MUCH EVEN THOUGH PEOPLE REPORTED IT OVER AND OVER) The introduction of the new masteries was really interesting. Though I feel like RIOT screwed up again. People mostly take thunderlord and the FEROCITY tree in my opinion is horribly done and should be reworked. NOW: The champion select is AWESOME. RIOT did a great job reworking it and I applaud them for that. No more duo queue, now you can play with as many friends as you want. Another great update.(1) But there are so many unbalanced champions. League used to be about how much skill/how many smurfers you had. Now, it is about how many unbalanced champions you have in your team with a bit of skill involved. IT IS TRUE. THOSE CHAMPIONS HAVE A WEAKNESS, but it is not as easy to use it against them as it is against other champions. In a PERFECT game, the champion ban system wouldn't exist, but that is nearly impossible as you can't balance the competitive playstyle with the casual playstyle. FUTURE: RIOT, YOU NEED TO LISTEN TO YOUR PLAYERS, TO YOUR COMMUNITY. Those are just some of the ideas you need to implement: -team voice chat. You always need to type no matter the situation which annoys everyone. You can miss cs because of that, you can die because of that. I GET THAT PINGS ARE A THING, BUT THEY AREN'T ENOUGH. Voice chat might increase toxicity, but there can always be a mute button and report for abusive voice chatting. -more game modes and maps. You know how in OTHER GAMES(I am afraid that if I mention them RIOT will delete my post) you have many more choices MADE BY THE COMMUNITY? And I get the periodical game modes, but we need a permanent one. ALLOW MODDERS TO DO FUN GAMEMODES/MAPS. I have seen so many great ideas (3 teams map is my favorite) that simply get trashed. - REWORK DOMINION AND 3V3. ARAM is alright, I have fun playing it with my friends and I can't think of a way to positively change it. DOMINION AND 3V3 HAVE SUCH A GRAT CONCEPT left to rot. -balancing. I understand how hard it is and that finding the perfect balance for both competitive and casual players is not something easily achieved, but please try. -a better replay system. We should be able to view the matches we played. Not only will it help digital entertainers, but it will allow us to view our mistakes and improve ourselves at the game. With these updates, you can make League so much more fun. Why did I write this? After finishing my ranked placements, I just didn't feel good. People grieved, making the game unpleasant. Strong champions stomped (even when they were on my team, it wasn't fun, mostly because it wasn't challenging at all. I had a Jax that could 1v5 the enemy team without a sweat, we were just his companions). It wasn't fun. I realized how fun League Of Legends used to be, and I don't want the game to simply die. Removing sword of the occult angered many fans, and even despite UberDanger's attempt to stop you, you showed once again you don't really care about the casual players, or you tried to show that you aren't easily influenced (which is even dumber). What was the reason behind removing that item.... Many people stopped playing the game because instead of being fun it angers you. Take the example of videogamedunkey. He totally deserved the 2 weeks ban, I don't think it was right what he called Malphite. But we are just held hostages trough a 30-minute game THAT IS UNWINNABLE, with a complete asshole destroying what's left of the fun. If we talk shit him, we get banned. Do not take this as an attack towards you RIOT, take it as a letter on how you can improve your game. Please, summoners, leave any suggestions and any kind of criticism towards my message, maybe we can get RIOT'S attention and change the game. Thank you for reading this. Best Regards, KingAlbastrel6
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