Can we stop asking for a vayne nerf

and ask for other marksmen to be buffed?? When will you guys realise that it's not vayne whos the problem but other adc being really weak right now??Have you ever wandered how vayne suddendly became popular when COMPLETELY NOTHING (at least important) changed on her in so long time?? How come she is suddendly strong and people weren't complaining about her a year ago?? Is it so hard to wander that?? So let's say vayne gets nerfed, people then start playing draven and you see draven players in 50% of the games, suddendly people will cry all about how draven is OP and he can delete a squishy with one crit and bla bla bla.... it's so's like you can't have a personal opinion about things, you get driven by emotions from your recent games or by what most people say. I wander , do the guys who complain about vayne, even play adc?? or are you maining every other role who had had some kind of buff and you want the destruction of all adc cause you don't like adc getting some love and only care about junglers getting devourer or retarded juggernauts reworks?? cause asking for nerfs on vayne instead of asking buffs for the rest, seems like it. I really hope this upcoming marksman update is gonna be good so people will realise how ridiculous they were about this thing... P.S To anyone who is gonna comment something like "yeah but vayne has this and that" i am gonna stand with the same question, why you complain now about it and not a year ago or two??
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