"Scared of Riot"

Hello, I have been maining vayne for a very long time and there is a trick that I think all of us know that, basicly, is using your condemn when someone is using a gap closer, such as alistar's W, pantheon's W etc. Today I was against a pantheon jungle and I was doing it perfectly and I'm not even exagerating my words. However, I'm afraid that if I keep doing it perfectly I might get banned because of scripts. I do not use them but condemning someone perfectly while they're using a gap closer may be understood as a script. For example, this pantheon thought I was scripting and I'm afraid riot thinks the same way. What do you guys think? Should I do it worse or keep doing it good? I was NOT using scripts and I'm afraid riot thinks I was :( By the way, NO, this is NOT and I repeat NOT a cocky thread. Love you all <3
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