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Hi! I'm writing because I'm tired of and fed up with ranged toplaners. They always pick some midlaners or adc-s with self peel and you can't do anything as melee. You have no chance to win your laning phase and if your team doesn't do well you will be spectator of your own losing game. Do you guys know an ultimate champion who counters all rangeds? Also I was thingking picking up {{champion:103}} the last time I played her was on the tutotial (I tried it out) but once I saw her on the toplane (ofc against me and I lost hard) she had long range, cc poke self peel, escape. Can she be good? Ty for your answears! :) Ps.: I have an ultimate champion to counter all rangeds: {{champion:56}} but I dind't want to blindpick him also we needed something tanky.
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