Why are there so little number of people playing Dominion?

Seriously, why? The games are fast-packed, gold income is greatly increased, as well as mana and energy regen. The gold from kills is divided, however the mode is not all about kills, and snowballing killing machines does not have such big impact into the match as they do in SR. You could play almost whatever champion you want, nobody is bloody angry about your pick at all, since there is no "pick-meta" like on the SR. Nobody blame anyone for the picks, it feels like a good old times in S1 when nobody gives a F about what champion do you play, and we are enjoying this on the dominion to these days. Want to play {{champion:38}} ? Carry on, he is strong here. Want to play {{champion:27}} ? Carry on, he has no mana-problems at all here Im playing this mode for a looong time, starting from s3 and today im still playing it. In dominion you could play any champion you want and make it working. Even {{champion:12}} works here great. There are some tricks to know about dominion, you could use them against the enemies and use several different tactics, invading botlane, taking the first enemy middle. Gameplay is really fast and you need to make decision fast. You never had a top/mid for yourself in SR? Carry on, on dominion botlane is 80% of the times free to take! You could make a great impact winning a botlane for your team. WHY, oh WHY people do not play it as often as SR, because of the queue times? Sure it could be bad to wait, but the wait is worth it. Dominion community is small, a lot of people know each other, know their strength's, their picks, like a big family. It is fascinating to meet and fight against the same people you know well how they are playing. We never had something like this {{item:3931}}, even this {{item:3124}} item is not that a treat, due to the team fighting oriented skirmish. In fact, dominion is way more balanced than SR at the some point, because it does not reward a snowball, there is no snowball in dominion, it is a masterpiece mode where everyone has their role to do and i enjoy it. Are you tired of playing SR snowball fest games, where few kills decides about everything from early to late game? Take a try on dominion and discover another game, forgotten but still amazing, immune to the stupid Riot balancing decisions about the jungle, jungle items and items itself. So lemme ask you a question. http://i.imgur.com/QRQYzoX.jpg [](http://i.imgur.com/QRQYzoX.jpg)
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