Gameplay in plat like bronze

Hi and sorry for my english...I just post this because i cant play like this no more. Im plat 4 was plat 3 but got demoted..LOLKINGSCORE 1958.. At this point i though that i will be match up with good strong players at last with brain .. but no its like plat playng like bronze and is no difference seriously. Last game ori fed 2 games ago liss lose vs zed mid.. strange i though liss is conter zed and happened more then 2 3 times. I dunno i though that at last plat will be easier to carry or ppl will play more safe and more in team.. but they just throw and run for kills like real bronzies players sometimes i just ask why is there plat if they play so bad and why they get plat if they are so bad.. i watched match history of many players that played in my team and they all just sooo bad... its not just 1 bad game is evrything.. i though at this 1958 mmr i will get more better teammates but not even if the enemy team are bad 1 team must win... players that cant catch a ult with ori or lux i really dunno what to do is riot doing this intentionly or what.. they dont want more ppl to get diamond...? because im tired to tryhard to carry nabs even in plat i though it will be easier but its like its evern harder.. seriously...
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