Kayle Reworked

Okay so, I've tried and tested the new kayle she is good vs SOME match ups probably fewer than before? but there are some other champions I seem to do better against but then again that can be that I am in low elo but also there are champs I did not struggle against so much before but do now. I figured the kayle rework would increase her playability as in I can make more plays and do more overall instead vs most match ups I am forced to tower hug due to being melee range with very little cc. (crowd control) As this was the problem with the old kayle mana consumption too high, high cd's low / no mobility and a lack of cc also a lack of dmg. With the new kayle I can do more especially with her Q been experimenting with ad but none of the games were to my advantage in any build testing. The fact she needs 3 items means you need a team of competent player's who will not feed which is a huge flaw in my elo. You need a champ with high potential early and through to late i.e zed, kata, yas and many other's so the verdict is to re-roll. Anyway overall I am disappointed with the rework as I feel during the laning phase depending on skill level / champion you will struggle of course we all have our good / bad match ups but she has mostly bad match ups i.e teemo / renek and probably pantheon / riven / jax etc. Good match ups I have went or equal are fiora/kennen/darius not had eough games to know who else, maybe I need more and need to get better but I would pref a champ that can build 1 item and potentially carry i.e irellia, Yorick / Jax, Yasuo etc. These are viable because they can do good all around. Okay thank you for reading, please let me know your opinions or feel free to give me some tips, maybe I am missing something? Either in my playstyle or build I tried zerkers>nashors>Guinsanoo's>zhonya / death cap Zerkers>Botrk>Guinsanoo's B.f>Spear of Shojin (game did not go so well) Nashors>Hextech gun blade Also is there anything i need to know about the abilities as i know only her E is on hit so on hit items are not as effective anymore Thanks!

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