Is Mordekaiser is unbelievably broken or is it just me?

Video: Now if you watch the video you'll see that on mine and my team behalf it was a poor play, but that fact that Mord can get baited into a 3v1 and kill all 3 in 9 seconds is just dumb. Yes he was fed admittedly but he barely does anything in the clip, he just presses Q over and over. And just when we think we got him he presses W and gets a atleast 800 hp shield. AND HE EVEN GOES TO SOLO A DRAKE SWEAT FREE AFTER A 3V1. It just baffles me that this is allowed. And this is AFTER a "nerf". I just want to play League but i cant without either perma banning mord (which i would love to do if it didnt leave me open to champs like Irelia and Gnar which i just dont like xD) or que dodging every time i see a Mord pick. I just dont see how you can out play a Mord with even half a brain as his Kit is just so broken. Im expecting alot of Mord mains to hate on this which i get but all i can say to that is, think about how easy some of your games are, and then think about how easy they would be if you played someone other than Mord. Im willing to be proven wrong but i dont think its likely. Rant over, have a good one! {{sticker:garen-swing}} Edit: yes i messed the title up -_-
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