Kindred's W no more healing her

6/14 PBE Update: Soulstealer Vayne, Deep Sea Nami, "Nexus Siege" strings & assets, and more
UPDATE: Added in a map shot of Nexus Siege and a Boots of Mobility change!] As we start of the 6.13 PBE cycle, today's PBE update includes Soulstealer Vayne, Deep Sea Nami, assets for a NEXUS SIEGE game mode, a new LCU Alpha update to include Match History, and more!
Riot you shoudn't remove kindred's W healing , you are making the champion lose it's play style like you did with illaoi . The new illaoi E dosen't have the same feel to it as the old one and the same with kindred. I always think that nerfs and buffs should only change the values of abilities like duration , damage , healing , mana cost , cooldown but never remove or add new features to it. I stopped playing illaoi bcs u changed her E , one of my favourite abilities on her , and now you are doing the same with kindred .What is next ?Removing the stars on Aurelion sol ?( I love him ,it's my favourite champ i even have level 7 on him , don't ever do that) Please if you love your champions stop changing them .
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