Getting out of silver as top laner

So, the season slowly comes to the end, and it would be a good idea to get some aims for the year 2020. Even better idea is to get out of silver. So, are there any special tricks that I should learn before next season starts? For now I have tried both OTP and playing few champs from different classes. For the OTP, after many games I have learned how to not feed even against my counters (or champs that I hate), but not feeding does not mean carrying. In case of many champions, obviously I know them worse than I know the one that I was OTP. My champion pool: 1. {{champion:23}} 2. {{champion:57}} 3. {{champion:518}} 4. {{champion:81}} Some things that I was already able to find which I'm doing bad: 1) Way to often playing on auto-pilot, without thinking. 2) My cs-ing on some champions is far from perfection. 3) I'm not always sure what to build at which moment. Should I already build X or maybe I should wait till Y, or maybe it is better to build Z? 4) When it is the best to pick each of the champions. I will be grateful for any suggestions.

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