I know it's really early but..

The new update feels like a failure. Starting from the 2 customizable rune pages, bad BP generation for playing the game till bad balance in game. Everything feels wrong now. Having to edit your masteries aka runes before the game is a pain in the ass. Earning BP is completely broken. And runes benefiting one champ significantly and not doing much for others. I already miss the old system. It's all about the money isn't it? To be comfortable with your runes, just spend 5 euros for another page, so you don't have to edit before every game. Masteries and runes are now runes because runes had only 2 free pages while masteries had 20, so it is obvious why they chose the rune path. Earning BP is slow af, so you technically can buy a 6300 BP champ, but it takes so long and it is much faster to pick up some RP for your precious champion. It is really, really early, but the first impression is awful for me. I would rather stick to the old system. Not gonna lie, I have spent more money on league than an AAA game and they are pretty much low-key forcing players to spend even more money now with this new update. Really disappointed.
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