Everything is great.

I'm so glad, that all champions are perfectly balanced right now, and RIOT balances them to be even better. It must be that way, because every time i saw a topic about a champion being too strong, or annoying i also see a counter argument right away. Most commonly about the possibility of being countered. And since no champion has 100% winrate in any division that means any champion can be countered so all champions are PERFECTLY balanced. It is also great, that finally toxic behaviour gets punished properly. It is the most top priority, and should be that way. Toxic behaviour caused over 21 trillion suicide so far, and is the worst crime ever commited in human history. Using the mute button to deal with a toxic player is 10 million times harder, than beating a guy 3 division above, or winning a 5v4 game, or winning a game with an int. feeder, or a troller in the team. Cheaters, smurfs, trollers, int feeders, bot users, and afks. are low priority, and this is good. These are easy to deal with from client side, and no need to bother admins with it. Just accept, that you are not good enough. Admins work day and night to deal with the toxic reports, and that is how it should be. The tribunal closed, and that is good. Riot has enough admins in their employment to check each report within 10 seconds, and no need to involve the non-professional players in this matter. The developers are working day and night to give us new skins, and finally decided to focus on what truly matters. Instead of working in worthless game modes like TT. No need to balance anything since as told. Everything is already perfectly balanced, and any changes they do are just minor changes to make the game more enjoyable. Skins on the other hand is mandatory for this game, and 100% of the players adores them. The client itself also flawless since the start of the game. There is no need to fix. anything, because it is flawless. If you got problems with it, then your computer is fault, and should buy a new one. After all computers are cheap as hell anyway, and everyone can afford to buy a new one at any time.

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