I remember now... why I only stick to bots (Rant)

Bot games are relaxing, stress free and who cares what you build or pick? Go Attack Speed Jungle Braum in bots for all I care. However, outside of that and you may as well be entering a wasteland and you better hope you have your hazmat suit and gas mask on because you aren't living in it. I have only been doing ARAM as the bare minimum recently for the missions and the lucky bag missions make me groan. Having to hope one of the ten players has one of the listed champions is an annoyance but so far hasn't proved bothersome (Hell, that's like candy if the toxicity of others are concerned). First game of Aram yesterday was... okay I guess despite me getting Talon who I've probably only played once last year? Yeah... 4/11/23. Not great No toxicity from the team at least but the enemy had a disconnect so... woo? The two games I had tonight thought? Oh boy... Here we go. First game was Annie and my connection thought "Now's a good time to screw your ping!" and so it went up to around 275~. Sometimes it would go back to my normal ping before randomly spiking again which just made it a pain to go through. We also had a DC on our team for 15 minutes (Sivir) and despite our Pyke doing exceptionally well, him being toxic ensured he lost his honor from me. In the end, went 14/18/30 and the Jhin in the enemy team lied about one of their team disconnecting despite in the replay showing no such thing. The other game... let's just say I can't play Melee champions and as Talon would show, I probably should have switched this champion out. It was Riven... I swear there is also some kind of lag there as whenever I pushed R, sometimes it wouldn't work (Ping was normal, not spiked by this point) and similar if I activated Ult and spammed R to use the wind slash right away but it never worked or if it did, it was a few seconds late. We had a toxic Skarner (Ally team) and a Toxic Illaoi and LeBlanc (Enemy). That game went as well as a car crash. Went 3/11/18 overall and urgh... Never had any issues in bots (Or if there were those jackals, they are very few and far between). Not looking forward to World's event since most, if not all, will require PvP and excludes bots like they usually do. TLDR: Bot games are far more relaxing and rewarding over the toxicity of ARAM games in my opinion.

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