I finally found my mistakes.. But I am unable to improve

Litterally swinging between P4 24 LP and P4 80 LP Platinum is a pain in the a** for anyone that is hardstuck in it, or maybe it's just me .-. But i've been banging my head on my desk countless times since June as I try to climb up in the ranks, and i'm happy to anounce that I've proudly found what i have to work on and my mistakes I main Support, Mostly playing Roaming aggressive supports (Thresh) Or Sona So my main problem is that I lack awareness and I can't help it, I feel like trying to be really concentrated at times but there are still some mistakes that get me and my team in trouble just because i didnt pay enough attention to the minimap. **And It Really Sucks** I also die too much because of that, and I am inconsistent. Are there any ways to improve on these ? Maybe someone that has passed these problems can help me perhaps ? I would be so grateful <3 <3 Regards, Etherim. EUW
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