Noone cares, but I'm quitting

I know nobody, especially riot, cares that I'm quitting for the time being seeing as I'm a lowly gold player, and I don't really care if you disagree, I just need to vent, and i know many people feel similarly, ableit not as strongly. I really can't find the game fun, here are some examples: 1. The game is so snowbally, and the amount of mobility so high that if you fall behind, your enemy will get to you and kill you over and over. Playing under tower doesn't really work either. 50 minute comebacks are the only games I remember from years ago. 2. The removal of fun off-meta picks: the fun days of Tahm Kench top, AP Ezreal, even AP Lucian (but perhaps not AP Yi) consistantly get removed. There is 0 creativity to playing League now. 3. Unfair game mechanics that say "F*ck YOU" to skill. Untargetability, invulnerability, invisibility etc is a part of basically everyones kit now, so if you fck up, you can press a button and undo your mistakes. These things are such small parts of overloaded kits they aren't even a main focus. 4. Yasuo. Yasuo is the most toxic thing in League. His windwall counters 2 classes of champions entirely and is so forgiving it's a joke. You've basically been hit by a skillshot - nope! The animation hit you, but your windwall still somehow blocked it(?). His mobility makes him impossible to lane against unless you stomp him in melee fights. Yasuo's only weakness is how cocky the player is, fact. His ridiculous playrate means you can't ever play a normal game FOR FUN without one, or even 2 of them. I do think generally the game is in a more balanced state than ever, more so than it has been since I started playing in season 2 in terms of there not being any really broken things (I still get DFG Veigar nightmares), but it is broken in other ways now. Back then, hitting an ability meant hitting it, but there are so so many elements of the game that don't have counterplay anymore unless used badly. Skill isn't rewarded anymore. I can play Azir to perfection, but the Yi who was 0-4 will still destroy me without me being able to do a single thing later on in the game. Sadly, due to competitive focus, skill has been nerfed because pros are so good it would be too bad for competitive if skill was strong. Rant over. It's so frustrating to play, I'll have a look in in a year or so, but bye for now <3
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