This is Ridiculous...How League became so bad?

After Tft got released and the whole ''League Sucks meme'' began from the streamers i'm legit playing with griefers,inters,leavers almost every single game.It doesn't bother me so much because of my rank or something similar.I don't really care about climbing at the moment but it's insane that no one's getting punished.If you report them,nothing will happen,because the 0-9 warwick who legit griefed me for the entire game or the 1-8 rage quit Jax ''had a bad game''...If you send someone to Riot's support guess what...Nothing will happen.They don't give a shit...Everyone's able to do whatever the %%%% they want,except flaming,and they'll never gonna get banned.Never...I'm used to play League and not this unacceptable game who took it's place after Season 8...This is not League of Legends... All i want is nice games.I don't give a %%%% if i win or not.I don't give a %%%% if i'm Iron 4 or Rank 1...All i want is nice games without bannable behavior so i can also practise champions and gain something out of it.Billion Dollar Company wake the %%%% up fix your shit. TFT is nice and it needs your attention i get it but you need to clear low elo from these people.We are already way worse than challengers and pros...Just let us play the game normally.Sometimes i feel like playing in Iron,no joke,but im in Gold Elo.I know it's not so different but it feels bad. At the end of the day the low elo made Riot Games.The 90% of the people are Diamond 4 or below...If they leave,your whole company's getting destroyed.
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